What to Look for in Zinc Oxide Suppliers

 Zinc oxide, also known as ZnO, is an essential compound that can be found in virtually everything, from food to tires. The many uses of this material make it an essential part of manufacturing and agriculture. That means that a company needs to identify reliable zinc oxide suppliers that can provide many different grades at a high quality. GHC zinc oxide supplier fits this description exactly and can assist you with your zinc oxide needs regardless of your field of focus.

Range of Products Carried

The best zinc oxide suppliers carry a large range of different grades since different projects need different levels of quality and purity. The list of ZnO grades available should include different types of zinc oxide USP. A USP grade is assigned by the United States Pharmacopeia to indicate that a particular compound is suitable for use in food, drugs, and medicine. Most cosmetics, food preservatives, and pharmaceutical products use zinc oxide USP. Zinc oxide supplies who do not carry zinc oxide USP limit what you can do with their product. Even if you don’t think you need zinc oxide USP, having this type of ZnO on hand is the sign of a supply company that knows the many uses of this compound and has a vested interest in supply flexibility.

Methods of Zinc Oxide Production

A manufacturer can produce zinc oxide in one of many ways, but only a few methods serve as an industry standard. You should seek out a manufacturer who creates zinc oxide through French processing, hydromet processing, or calcination. The French process involves burning metallic zinc in order to create ZnO. Hydromet processing uses water to dissolve metallic zinc and thus create zinc oxide. The calcination process increases zinc oxide particles by heating them at extreme temperatures. You should choose a manufacturer that creates ZnO through one of these three methods. Many high-quality manufacturers combine multiple different methods, which is even better.


In the end, any business that needs access to zinc oxide is just that—a business. That means that the bottom line of the financial sheet often plays a major role in any decision-making process. This is as it should be for the most part. After all, it makes no sense to throw the price out the window when making business decisions. However, the price should not always be the be-all and end-all of the decision-making process. When you get ready to purchase your zinc oxide, do consider the cost as one factor but also remember that importance of quality, selection, and manufacturing process. All of these factors should combine to help you make the best decision for yourself and your business.

Zinc oxide is an important manufacturing part of everything from rubber to pharmaceuticals. If you want your products to be known for their high quality, then choosing the correct ZnO option is essential. Keep the above tips in mind and choose a supplier near you who can guarantee you a good range, excellent price, and solid manufacturing techniques.

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