A decision my uncle regretted he made for his daughter’s wedding related to wedding photography

I tell you about my cousin’s wedding and the things that I most liked in it and dislike. It is for you guys and gals out there who are in future going to marry or thinking about marrying someone. From my experience I am telling you that what guests really like in a wedding and when wedding gets over, after everything gets finished, what remains forever to cherish, means what and how you remember about moments that spend in a wedding.

From my personal experience, the mistake you should never make in a wedding: My cousin wedding took place last year and we all were very happy because after a long time someone’s wedding was taking place in our family. And we were all geared up for preparing it, a kind of total excitement we had but only one mistake ruined the whole experience of it and I do want to say you, please don’t repeat the mistake that we had done. Learn from the experience.

We had bought everything necessary for wedding. Everything was well arranged and only one day left for wedding. It was a great atmosphere in the family. But only one mistake my uncle did that he regretted for a time. He hired a not so good professional photographer. I knew about it when he was taking photos in my cousin’s wedding. I asked him to show me photos but he didn’t. I complained about it to my uncle but he very lukewarmly ignored me. I said to him that there are talented Wedding Photographers in Delhi, you can call them now instantly but he didn’t. At the end when wedding got done happily except only photography, we were happy but when the wedding album came, all were sad because photographs were not of good quality, not so see-worthy poses, lighting was not impressive also and everything was buggard. My uncle regretted his decision and said to repeat it never. Even he paid high amount of money for it.

Of course, you all should know and understand that moments are precious and especially those moments that you enjoy in a ceremony or function. If you want them captured, they should be captured by a professional and experienced photographer. They are the people you can trust for capturing your precious moments of life.

Apart from all if you have any budget problem, there are budget wedding photographers also that can provide best quality of services. Solution is always there you just need to have a glance.

Choosing a photographer: So whatever the mistake of my uncle, I don’t want to repeat it because I am going to marry in next few months and for my wedding I want to involve myself in every decision whatever it is. So I selected a photographer from the list of best pre wedding photographers. Although every photographer has the best portfolio but I chose the one that I liked best.

Whatever photographer you choose, when you hire him or her, tell them how you want your photos to be shot, there are many trends that are popular in pre wedding shoot like candid photography, pose photos and there are some other creatives that your photographer can shoot with. Photography is an art of observation. The way you want to be shot you can talk to your photographer. Photo studios and art studios also offer candid and cinematic photography packages. You can choose one that suits to your requirements.

My uncle also came to my wedding. He danced and enjoyed and also got photographed with me and my beau. My uncle asked me whether I chose a best photographer or not and I said yes. He was happy hearing my answer and wholly joyous. I also shook my leg with him. Whole family was there in the wedding, eating, dancing and welcoming guests. Oh, what I could expect more! A happy starting and happy ending of my wedding that I can never forget.

Conclusion: What do you learn from my experience, from my personal experience? I want to conclude that pairs are made in heaven, what you can do is to make your heaven here on this earth is by capturing those moments that make you so much happy that you forget everything. So choose a quality photographer for your wedding and never regret the decision.

Author Bio: I’m Aakash Sharma, A blogger and wedding consultant. I wrote on wedding related ideas, tips and guides for Shaadidukaan. It is an online wedding market that offers the wedding-related vendors and wedding related guides and ideas. We aim to help the would-be groom and would-be bride to execute their biggest wedding day without any stress.

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