The Secret To Keeping Rodents Away From Your Las Vegas Business

When it comes to building or protecting your business’s reputation, rats and mice are your mortal enemies. Whether you’re in the service industry or occasionally host clients at your business, keeping these pests off your property is a must. Besides harming your hard-won public image, mice and rats can damage your structure and even create fire hazards by chewing through electrical wiring. Their urine and droppings also put employees and visitors at risk for disease and food poisoning. From preventive practices to rodents removal, these tips will help you stay rodent-free all year round.

Avoid Clutter

Although they sometimes appear at immaculately maintained homes and businesses, there are steps you can take to help make your property less attractive to rodents. One of the top tips from our pest control team is to minimize clutter. Avoid cardboard boxes at all costs, since mice and rats will use whatever is on hand to build nests. They’ll even gnaw on cardboard to access fabrics and other materials for nesting purposes. If you can’t avoid storing supplies in cardboard, consider covering it in foil to keep rodents at bay.

Keep it Clean

Even if you pay a cleaning crew to handle routine clean-up duties, your employees can also be a part of your rodent-prevention efforts. Like other pests, mice and rats often enter homes and buildings in search of food and water. Deprive them of nourishment, and they’ll have little or no reason to enter the premises. Post signs reminding staff to clean up spills and other kitchen messes after lunch or snacks. Ensure that shared food is refrigerated or thrown out after birthday parties and other special events to reduce the need for professional pest control services.

Deny Access

Keep trash, both inside and outdoors, securely contained in cans with tight-fitting lids. Cut off access to the inside of your business by checking for possible points of entry. Seal off any holes, cracks or gaps in your foundation and around windows or doors. Clear any dead leaves and other vegetation where rodents might be tempted to nest. Trim tree branches touching the building to reduce the likelihood of these pests making their way inside. Cover pipes or electrical lines coming from outside with metal rodent guards.

If you end up with mice or rats at your business, hiring a pest control services company for rodents removal is a necessity. Trying to remove these critters on your own can be ineffective at best and dangerous at worst. Ace Pest Control provides safe, effective rodents removal to home and business owners in the Las Vegas area. Protect your employees, customers and reputation by contacting us today for a quote.

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