How to Avoid Top Mistakes when Hiring Wedding Vendors

 When it comes time for your special day, the wedding vendors you choose can make or break the experience. You should spend a lot of time deciding which vendors you think will meet your needs and your budget. There are certain mistakes that you should avoid when deciding who is going to make your special day even more better. By avoiding these, you will be sure that you have done everything possible to give you and your guests the best experience.

Mistake 1. Not Asking the Right Questions

Wending vendors are not all the same. They might provide different services, could have bundled deals with select other vendors, and will have different payment processes and terms of contract. You should never assume that all vendors will operate the same way. Some questions you should be asking are around payments, guarantees, cancellations, and communication.

Mistake 2. Not Getting Samples

Whether it is the food, flowers, or center pieces you should get samples of what these look and taste like. Anyone can make pictures and a website look professional, but this can misconstrue what is actually provided by the vendor both in terms of quality and quantity.

Mistake 3. Waiting to Long for Requests

You or your guests could have special requirements due to allergies or personal preferences. These should be communicated to vendors right away so that their services are designed with these needs in mind from the very beginning. If you have, for example, a need for gluten free cake then you must communicate this to the baker as early as possible.

Mistake 4. Not Being Honest About Your Budget

Everyone has a budget for their wedding, even if it is very high. It can be hard to be forthcoming about limitations with the budget. Every vendor is going to have a different price for the services they provide. If you have a lower budget, then a new vendor might be your best bang for your buck. Once you learn about the average rate for various services, reflect on your budget and see if it needs to be reconfigured.

Mistake 5. Ignoring Red Flags

There are some clear red flags you should never ignore when dealing with a vendor. Top among these is prompt communication. Planning a wedding can be very stressful and the last thing you want is a vendor who does not get back to you or answer your questions quickly.

Mistake 6. Not Formalizing Contract

Vendors should always have you sign a contract once you agree to using them. Make sure that the contract is fair to you and pay special attention to any requirements around cancellation fees. Do not sign a contract until you are sure that is the right vendor for you.

Mistake 7. Ignoring Lack of Compatibility

While the skills and professionalism of the vendor matter, so does your ability to get along with them. Do not ignore personality quirks and if you can see yourself maintaining a relationship with that company or person. Just like you would not marry someone you could not get along with, you do not want your vendor to be someone you do not get along with.

In Conclusion

Following these tips will make your whole experience better when working with wedding vendors. Make sure you find someone who you like, who fits within your budget, and meets your requirements.

Author Bio:

Jay Della Valle is the CEO and head Entertainer at Spinners Entertainment, an Award Winning  NJ/NY based Entertainment and Events company since 1995.  As one of the highest rated companies in the NJ/NY Metro area, Spinners is known for their signature services which involve the integration of the some of the industry’s most versatile DJ/MCs with world class solo musicians and “one of a kind” acoustic acts.  Jay also DJs, plays guitar and sings in a popular Indie Folk Trio called Owls and Lions. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his 2 children, witting music and traveling.

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