Overcoming Infertility – The Options You Didn’t Know You Had

The people who have infertility issues used to be agonized by this disability of theirs but with the growing technological means and advancement in the medical arena, the possibilities of overcoming infertility have risen three-fold.

And today the options are too many to have a child of your own; at least through surrogacy or IVF treatments if not at all biologically! So, the days of worries and sadness have gone and people today are overcoming the infertility issues with a lot more enthusiasm as compared to some few decades back.

Apart from the regular medicinal or surgical treatments, the options to overcome infertility are diversely scattered depending on the types of infertility issues one has! The Fertility clinic in India and abroad stresses on the facts to help an infertile couple to overcome it naturally and give birth through the natural means if possible; and if not then one has to adapt the artificial procedures.

Let us discuss more overcoming infertility options we have in today’s time

  • IVF – this process is for the couples who have healthy male and female gametes but still cannot nurture them to produce zygotes or if one of them is unable to produce gametes at all. In this procedure, the healthy gametes from both the parents or from one parent and one donor are nurtured inside a test tube with the basic necessities and then transferred back to the mother to get along with the process of conceding and thereby delivering a healthy baby. That’s why it is called in vitro fertilization or IVF.
  • Surrogate mothers– when the female partner is infertile but the male has healthy sperms, they can opt for surrogate mothers who would carry the baby inside her womb but the sperm would be of the father only.
  • IUI– this is applied in case of a father being infertile or incapable of producing enough sperms to fertilize the eggs produced by the mother. The intrauterine insemination (IUI) facilitates the artificial insemination of the healthy sperms of a donor into the uterus of the women, leading to fertilization.
  • GIFT OR ZIFT– gift refers to gamete intra-fallopian transfer and ZIFT refers to zygote intra-fallopian transfer. The significance of gift is to artificially place the gametes inside a woman’s fallopian tube to facilitate further fertility procedure in case she is able to carry it forward. In these cases normally the females cannot produce the eggs but the next reproductive functions are normal. In case of ZIFT, the females are generally able to produce the gametes but are unable to nurture them and thereby eh gametes are not fertilized or formed into a zygote. That’s why a zygote is cultured outside the female body and then transferred into the fallopian tube of the women to carry on the fertility process further.
  • Hormonal treatments– sometimes the causes of infertility lies totally on hormonal imbalances and thus treating them with implications of healthy and recovered hormones suits best to overcome infertility. In cases of men the hormones involved are luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormones and in the case of women, it is mainly estrogen and progesterone. So, projecting them with hormonal treatments works better in dealing with infertility issues.

When situations like infertility issue raise in any of our lives, we mostly become depressed and try our best to fight the disability with the right treatments and enthusiasm. In some cases, the complexities are so deeper that they can’t be treated even with the best medications also.

That is when the ray of hope comes in the forms of these surrogacy and artificial treatments of giving birth to a newborn. The IVF cost in India is also not too much that can’t be afforded by any common people. So, overcoming infertility is no more a tough task for the infertile individuals when they choose from the best options.

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