Markers that can highlight your life at affordable prices

Finding the perfect writing tool might be a drag sometimes won’t you say? Making a bold statement at the office or highlighting very important information for your students has never been easier than with Office Corporate’s expansive and diverse selection of select markers and fineliner’s. Serving as a complete package for all of your essential needs for writing, Office Corporate offers state-of-the-art markers and pens such as; ​Artline Whiteboard Marker​, ​Artline Marker/Artline Permanent Marker​, and ​Artline Fineliner​ at a completely affordable price. Look no further and shop with us while you receive markers and pens that are ​ROHS​ compliant and also Xylene free.

​Markers, Markers, Markers!

 Office Corporate works around the clock making sure to provide and supply you with not only the best markers and pens but safe as well. What do we mean when we say it’s safe? Office Corporate’s​ Artline​ Products including, ​Artline Whiteboard Marker, Artline Permanent Markers and ​Artline Fineliner​ pens are all Xylene free, making these markers and pens free of any nasty chemicals that can be harmful to you, other peers or students and the environment. Environment friendly and safe, these markers provide a great value for everyone. As you may or may not know already products containing xylene or breathing in xylene vapors can cause headaches, nausea, and even dizziness. These are things you need not worry about and can rest your head on knowing that they are not contained in Office Corporate’s ​Artline Whiteboard Marker​ and ​Artline Marker products when you use them as they are Xylene free and ​ROHS ​compliant.

The FineLine

 Apart from the safety in Office Corporate’s ​Artline ​items, you can also get the ideal type of pen needed for general writing and/or drawing in the office, school, or home. Make sure to stock up on these impressionable and exclusive ​Artline Fineliner​ pens in order to create aesthetically pleasing or bold attention demanded statement when needed! When using the ​Artline Fineliner pen, you can come to the conclusion that this is it for you as you may never want to go back to using another basic or less than up to par pen after this. With very fine points, hence the name ​Artline Fineliner​ you will see that it creates a very pleasing font regardless of writing styles, and finding that people all over who take the time to read over your content would be impressed.

Versatility for all

 Office Corporate’s selection of products is also versatile and can be used in several ways; whether it’s for important business presentations, drawing up a brainstorming game plan for your team or playing games with students or friends to fill in the blanks you can count on these items to do the trick. ​Upon using ​the ​Artline Whiteboard Marker,​ you are not limited to just one form of the board to write on.

Being that the ​Artline Whiteboard Marker​ contains dry erase-ink, this opens up your option to choose from either using enamel porcelain or melamine surfaced boards of your liking to write on. With this also comes different colors to choose from as well. Pick your favorite ​Artline Whiteboard Marker​ color or chose to buy the bundle pack and use specific colors when writing or when you want to draw that specific attention to the point you are trying to make!

If you having trouble deciding what to use when writing that next big office plan or the greatest lesson ever to teach your pupils, let Office Corporate take care of your needs by providing you with an affordable and endless supply of ​Artline Marker​ and ​Artline Fineliner​ products.
Sign up with us and start earning reward points today on all of your ​Artline Marker, Artline Whiteboard Marker ​, and ​Artline Fineliner​ pen purchases. Reward points can add up and give you simple returns on your investment on these products from one point for every $10 spent. With our unbeatable prices and safety on our items, we can provide you with quality and sound products to give your office or school presentations, letters, handouts what you need.

Continue to enjoy our broad selection of select items included under our Artline section! Feel more than welcome to give us a call or message us if you have any particular questions with any of our art and craft supplies we have! We look forward to providing you a great experience as well as a great online shopping trip!

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