Learn floristry insider secrets with Moyses Stevens

As an exceptional British florist with a 140-year heritage at the heart of all they do, Moyses Stevens is not only the go-to for luxury bouquets but also for gaining expert industry knowledge. Throughout the team, a deep understanding of flowers and plants is apparent. From visiting one of their luxe London shops, speaking to the florists directly or even experiencing the classes at their Battersea Flower school, there are plenty of opportunities to discover more, alternatively check out Moyses Stevens same-day flower delivery London, next day flower delivery UK service.

Learn floristry insider secrets with Moyses Stevens

Highly trained florists offer a friendly and welcoming service and are always happy to answer your flower or plant-related questions. If you book a consultation or hire the team for any events or services you will get to experience their passion and brilliance first hand. The Moyses Stevens exciting Flower School located at Battersea Power Station is a must for anyone looking to learn more about floristry. They welcome people of all ages and abilities, whether you are simply looking to expand as a beginner or take your skills to a professional level. Classes start from £60 or you can opt for the open day studio tour for £50. The studio tour will give you the opportunity to create a stunning, seasonal bouquet whilst getting to grips with the design basics. The Flower School also accommodates people from far and wide as virtual classes such as dried hand-tied bouquet classes can be experienced from the comfort of your own home. Although the team would love to teach you in person, this is a great option for those living further afield who don’t want to miss out on all the incredible floristry knowledge that Moyses Stevens are ready to share. 

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Moyses Stevens are also open to sharing trade secrets with their treasured customers so you too, can look after flowers and plants in the best possible way. Moyses Stevens goes into detail about the things you should know in order to keep your flowers staying healthy for as long as possible. 

So if you start with the basics, what does it mean to ‘condition’ your flowers? Conditioning is the preparation of your blooms to prolong their longevity and keep them looking beautiful within displays. Moyses Stevens suggests that you clean two-thirds of the stem which allows them to breathe and drink water so it’s not just taken from the bottom.  They also highlight the importance of using a knife to cut your flowers as this prevents them from going weak after 3-4 days. Then cut at least 2cm off each stem at a 45-degree angle. A common mistake is opting for scissors instead of a knife, but this actually closes the stem resulting in an unhappy-looking display. Another error people often make is not changing the water as often as required. Your beautiful blooms need fresh water, so Moyses Stevens recommend changing this every day. Also remember to remove any foliage that may be in the water as this will decompose, making the water smell and discolour, which could ruin your flowers. The highly-regarded florists also reiterate the significance of using flower food to prolong the life of your flowers. This is a liquid made up of various minerals and nutrients that are not otherwise found in tap water. Use 1 litre of water to one sachet of flower food and give your floral displays a new lease of life. To read more about the best ways to look after your flowers and plants, head to moysesflowers.co.uk and explore other top tips. Alternatively, you can get in touch with one of the lovely florists who can assist you with any specific enquiries.  

If you love learning more about caring for your bouquets, you might already be a customer of Moyses Stevens. If so, ensure you look out for their loyalty programme, where you can collect points on every purchase you make. Who doesn’t want discounts on wonderful, fresh flowers? With the Moyses Stevens loyalty system, you redeem points each time you shop which then convert into vouchers and money off future purchases. 

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