Which Holidays Do You Think Dogs Like the Most?


Who doesn’t love a holiday? They give us a much-needed break from the monotony of daily life and an excuse to call family and get together. Even chores like cooking and cleaning become more fun as we make special treats and decorate. Most importantly, holidays remind us to be thankful for all the little joys and important people in our lives.

Can’t wait for the seasonal holidays? How about a calendar full of holidays to celebrate with your pet?

While these may not be public holidays, they are the perfect way to let our pets know that we appreciate the joy, love, and companionship they bring into our lives.

Let’s have a look!


National Month for Training Your Dog

Make a New Year’s resolution for yourself and one for your dog. Whether it’s training a new pup or teaching your older dog new tricks, including more exercise into both your routines—work on bettering each other all through January. Here’s how:

  • Consider signing up for a group training session as those could be extremely fun for you and your dog. You might even end up with some new friends!
  • You could also opt to send your dog to a trainer, but it wouldn’t be a pet-and-me moment. So roll up your sleeves and get involved!
  • Buy some new treats to incentivize your dog – they’ll love the new and interesting smells and tastes.


National Dog-Walking Month

Another great activity to do with your dog in January. Though most people have a packed schedule and may prefer hiring help, walking your dog is a great bonding experience. Slow down life by enjoying these few precious moments with your pet. Bonus? You both get a healthy amount of exercise.

Here’s how to add excitement to your dog walking routine:

  • Make a dog walking group with your neighbors or park-mates so you can get some socializing in for yourself and your pet.
  • Treat your dog to a new toy and play a game of fetch—it’ll surely be the highlight of their day!
  • Go for a jog in the park instead of heading to the gym, and let your dog accompany you.
  • Take your pet to a new park or a nature trail for a change of scenery and turn a simple walk into a priceless memory.

But before you do, make sure you teach your dog how to behave in a park.


Pet Halloween

January 14 is ‘Dress Your Pet Day,’ which is a great excuse to have a Halloween-esque party with your dog.

  • Dress them up in cute costumes for the day. You could even have a quick photoshoot.
  • Call their mates over for a themed party. Hang up theme-matching streamers and balloons, bake new doggy treats, bring out the costumes, and plan a few activities.
  • You could take them ‘trick or treating’ for an authentic Halloween experience! (Just inform your friends or neighbors that they should be expecting a four-legged trick-or-treater)

Leave Adulting For A Day And Get An Outfit To Match Your Dog’s!

Doggy Date Night

Celebrated on February 3, this is an incredible way to spend quality time with your dog. Plan a special evening, cook them a tasty meal, or just take off work early and take your dog somewhere fun.

  • Enjoy a meal out in the backyard—this requires minimal effort, and they will enjoy the change of scenery.
  • Go to a park, lay out a picnic blanket, and play some games before having a lovely dinner.
  • Unwind with a spa day together or treat them to a visit to the groomers.
  • Browse through some new recipes online, and let your dog ‘assist’ you in the kitchen as you experiment with new dishes to make it extra fun!
  • Go to a pet-friendly restaurant or cafe and give them a treat!

If all of this sounds exhausting, the very least you could do is let your dog join you at your dinner table if you don’t always do so!


Play In The Park Day

March 30 is meant for frolicking in the park. If walking in the park is part of your daily schedule, you could elevate it by adding a game of fetch to the routine.

Here are some more wonderful ideas:

  • Getting your dog a new toy or ball to play with.
  • Gathering a few fellow dog-owners to make it eventful with some special games and activities.
  • Flying a kite and allowing your dog to help out.
  • Teaching your dog to play frisbee, volleyball, or other such games.

Give Your Dog A Bear Hug Day

Up your daily dose of affection on April 10 and give your dog a massive bear hug.

Why stop at just one hug? How about a day full of precious moments?

  • Spare a few minutes before work to give them some extra love.
  • Cuddle with them on a sofa and watch a movie with a blanket to feel extra snug.
  • Elevate your snuggle-time by petting your dog and giving them a nice brush as they lay with you.


Pet Appreciation Week

The first week of June is all about appreciating your pet for adding joy and merriment to your life. Spend the week doing little things every day to make your dog feel loved and acknowledged.

  • Give them an extra treat.
  • Get them a new toy, or spend some time playing with their favorite one.
  • Spend some quality time walking and hanging out with them.
  • Take them out for a playdate with their best friend.
  • Invite your friends over so there are more pets to go around.

Pup Party Day

June 21 is Pup Party Day – so throw a bash. After all, who wouldn’t want two birthday parties in a year?

  • Get party hats and call everyone that loves your dog over to join the celebration.
  • Find a dog-friendly baker and order some delicious goodies – cookies, cakes, and biscuits, customized for your dog!
  • Think of some dog-friendly games to play with your friends and family, which includes your pets.


Work With Your Dog Day

Need a reason to add fun to boring office schedules? Make June 25 a ‘take your dog to work’ day. This is an incredibly exciting idea, and you could possibly plan a fun day with your boss and employees:

  • Dress your dogs professionally to match your office wear.
  • Spend some time getting to know each other’s dogs.
  • Show your dogs around the office and plan a few activities for them.
  • Have a photoshoot.

Your dog is accustomed to you heading out to work and leaving them for the day. Wouldn’t they be elated to accompany you and see what you’re up to when you’re away?

Repair Your Dog’s House Month

July is bound to be your dog’s favorite month because they’ll get a house upgrade!

  • Buy a new kennel.
  • Give their existing kennel a thorough cleaning and a fresh coat of paint.
  • Get your dog a new bed.
  • Upgrade their existing kennel and bed with some cool features like windows or in-built toys.

Allow your dog to give you a helping hand by fetching your tools to make them feel involved.

Let Them Splatter Some Paint Around The Kennel To Make It An Extra Special, Customized Home!


Picture Day For Pups

As we all know, dogs love attention and affection. July 26 is a day to give them both. Put your dog in the spotlight by trying some of the following:

  • Hire a photographer or simply borrow someone’s camera, and go nuts!
  • Click a ton of pictures in different locations.
  • You could even get them some funky hats and costumes for unique photographs.
  • Get the photos printed and framed.
  • Make a montage of your dog over the years or a small collage for each year.
  • You could also opt for a few short video clips so you can make a home video of your best buddy and watch it with them.

Dogs Absolutely Love Being Doted Upon, And They Will Really Adore This Idea.

Pamper Your Dog Day

We all need a day off to spoil ourselves. So does your dog! Take them to a doggy spa or a pampering session at the groomers. This will be a nice way to unwind from jumping around being a dog all day.

You can also plan a lovely day full of all their favorite activities and snacks and end the day with a lovely cuddle session!

Don’t have the budget for such activities? Do it at home! Put on your favorite music, bring out the candles and dog-friendly scents, and spend the day spoiling each other.


Fetch Day

Make sure you get home early on October 17 because it’s Fetch Day! Head out to a park or a nice open area around your house so you can spend the evening playing fetch with your dog.

It’s a great way to increase your bond, and it’ll surely delight your dog if this is not something you usually do.

Cook For Your Canine Day

November 1 is going to be a day to remember for your dog – it’s Cook For Your Canine Day! Time to search for some dog-friendly recipes, gather your groceries, and prepare a feast for your buddy. They really do deserve to enjoy a hearty meal, cooked specially for them!

After All, Who Doesn’t Love A Fresh, Home Cooked Meal?


Take A Hike Day

Take a day off work if it’s a weekday, and plan a lovely hike with your dog on November 17.

  • Find some nice trails close to home.
  • If you have the time, take a road trip to a National Park and let your dog soak in the sights.

Don’t Forget To Pack Some Food, Snacks, And A Lot Of Fun Games!

The common element in all these Holidays is quality time and affection. Dogs are simple creatures, and they don’t ask for much, so it’s always nice to go out of your way to let them know you love them.

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