Lose Weight Quickly By Following These 6 Simple Rules

As being part of the human race, there is one common trait amongst us that has prevailed throughout the centuries.

And that is, we like to complicate things.

Complicated math formulas, food recipes, business strategies, etc.

There’s doubt that the above have its place in the evolution of mankind but when it comes to losing weight, let’s just keep it simple.

Simple Rule 1: Count Your Calories

You can have the best will power and self discipline when it comes to your diet, but if you do not know how many calories you need to consume daily, it’s like driving blindfolded.

Calories are the amount of energy food in the food that you consume. Eat more than your body requires and you will get fat. Eat less than required and you will lose weight.

The question is how much lesser should you be eating?

First thing that you need to do is to use a calorie calculator to ascertain the amount of calories that you need on a daily basis. Subtract 300-500 calories and this is your new daily intake for weight loss.

Simple Rule 2: What Are You Calories Made Of?

Now that you know the amount of calories to consume daily, you will need to divide the calories appropriately according to the food type.

This might sound complex but it is actually rather simple.

A simple diet to follow would be one that is higher in protein compared to the other nutrients. So 60% protein, 30% carbohydrates and 20% fat.

You don’t have to get this down to the exact gram but take a look at your plate of food to get the portions right.

A calorie app like myfitnesspal will come in very useful when it comes to keeping tracking of your calories.

Simple Rule 3: Take a Fat Burner

I know of some people who feel that taking a weight loss supplement is considered cheating whilst on a diet.

The way I see it, if it’s not harmful to your body and does its job well, why not?

Not only are you shortening the duration of your diet plus you will be motivated to stick to it when you see your fats melt off.

One thing to note about buying a fat burner is to always be mindful of the active ingredients. Make sure it’s something acceptable for human consumption and is made of natural ingredients like Ultra Omega Burn.

Simple Rule 4: Exercise

Simple doesn’t equate to lazy when it comes to losing weight.

No doubt you can still drop the pounds by just cutting calories but you are forgoing the numerous benefits that exercising can give you.

Exercising releases the hormones endorphins which is a feel good hormone. There’s a reason why you feel good after a good workout. Not only this, it also helps you to retain muscle mass as you drop your calories.

Not all exercises are made equal  when it comes to losing weight. Go for workouts that are high in intensity like HIIT. This pushes your heart rate and makes your body burn more fat.

Do not forget to lift weights as well.  There’s a chance that you might lose some muscle mass as you cut your calories and by lifting heavy, you are telling your body to preserve as much muscle as possible to lift those weights.

Furthermore, by having muscle mass, you burn more calories at rest.

Simple Rule 5: Stop Weighing Yourself

I still remember those days when I embarked on my first diet, I would make it a habit to weight myself almost twice a day.

It became such a bad habit that I lived and died by number that appears when I stand on it.

Needless to say, it was a demoralising experience.

Unfortunately for us on a diet, the body does not lose weight linearly. There are some weeks where you lose more and some where you lose less. There are even some weeks where you don’t lose any weight any all.

By weighing yourself daily, you are only putting a dampener on your efforts. Your body might be burning fat but due to some water retention your weight remains the same. However, you are only led by the number which can be misleading.

The best way around this is to look at yourself in the mirror and how your old clothes feel when you try them on.

Those are a better gauge of your ongoing efforts.

Simple Rule 6: Believe In Yourself

For some this can make or break their diet.  Once the mind believes it’s possible to achieve the body you want, you will take action to get there.

If your mind feels that nothing it does will make a difference, you will fail.

It is important to keep yourself motivated throughout the diet so that you can push through the lull periods and they will be lull periods.

Listen to motivational speakers, watch YouTube videos of before and after transformations. If those people can do it, why can’t you. Half the battle is won in your mind.


As you can see, by following these 5 simple rules, it is only a matter of time before you complete a successful diet program. Dieting is simple if you know what you are doing and what to be mindful of. Learn to enjoy the process and soon it will become part of your lifestyle.

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