How to earn product reviews?

Product reviews and ratings can significantly improve your product’s sales and it is good for your website too. But many times even a good product does not get many reviews even after considerable sales. This is because customers do not give feedback or review after purchasing or receiving the product. If you are selling on big platforms such as Target, Amazon on Walmart then your products’ reviews are key to top sales. These reviews serve as a guide for shoppers in order to make informed and educated decisions. Many times you need to push your customers in order how to learn product reviews. So what are the popular factors that will push your customers into giving you good reviews? You can find more details at

Factors that help you earn product reviews –

Those who are shopping online for a considerable time do not purchase a product without checking the exact ratings and reviews of it. Before plunging into their wallet they check whether the review of the product is good, average or ugly. The more the number of reviews the better the sales. Even it is good for the search engine rankings as the reviews contain unique keywords. These reviews also serve as a great feedback as customers can observe things that you do not find. They can also give you an idea for improvements and also some great marketing ideas.

  1. Ask your customers directly – in order to get reviews from the customers about the products that they have purchased or used is to ask them. You can ask your customers to leave a review immediately after purchase or after the shipment has arrived. Most customers do not remember to leave reviews and so you must remind them via emails or SMS on a regular basis. This you can do after a week or two after shipment.
  2. make the review process easy – do not send a complicated and long form to your customer in order to enter his review. Keep it as simple as you can. You can just ask for basic details such as name, email address, rating and review in few words. Title and location can be kept optional.
  3. Offer an incentive in return for a review – if you give incentives to your customers in order to get review then it can be an exciting process for them. You can offer reward programs such as loyalty points or free gifts in return for the reviews. Discount coupons and gift certificates can also be a good way to award your customers.
  4. Ask for photos – Ask for photos along with reviews or allow the users to use the existing photographs. You can give the customers’ ability to upload video reviews too that are becoming more and more popular and serves as a powerful marketing tool.
  5. Ask the right questions to your customers –ask proper questions about each aspect of the product, not just an overall rating is enough. You can list out each of the features of the product and ask the customer to rate one by one.

These things can help you earn a lot of product reviews.

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