Know more about MS Outlook

MS Outlook is an email client which is used to access Microsoft Exchange server. It provides to access Microsoft Exchange server. MS Outlook is a well-known application which is designed for storing different items like tasks, contacts, calendars, appointments, journals and so on. With the help of this application, you can easily send or receive emails.  In outlook, it is classified in two version MS outlook express and MS Outlook. In MS Outlook Express include all versions of windows and Microsoft introduced Windows mail while MS Outlook is a commercial product which is used as a standalone application and it is a part of MS office suite and also available on Apples Mac which latest version is Outlook 2011.

What is  PST

PST stands for Personal Storage Table file that is a Microsoft Outlook.  Storage limit for Single User’s .pst file is 2GB. Data File which stores a user’s Outlook data and web-based mail accounts, including all mail folders and the items within the folders, such as emails, email attachments, contacts and more. PST files provide users to expand your emails storage through creating and maintaining more than one local archives. You can use multiple PST file with one copy simultaneously such as emails, contacts, calendar and more. PST file version of Outlook stored in ANSI format which maximum size is 2 GB but the latest version stored in Unicode format which maximum size is 20 GB in Outlook 2003 and 2007 or 50 GB in Outlook 2010. The main problem with using pst files is that they only work with Outlook. Outlook web app does not include any support for Pst files.

Reason for damage of  PST files

Due to large Pst file: In previous version users can use only up to 2 GB for saving the data.It is quite difficult where large data comes during a month.due to the size limit which causes the pst file.

Due to malicious software: Much malicious software enters in Outlook through spam mail which corrupts your pst file.

Power connection: when you access your Pst file and suddenly power off, you may face pst file corruption problems.

Causing of data storage device damage: when your hard drive crash, you can lose your pst files.

Cause of Network connection: While trying to information from the client-server and internet connection get disappear then you may lose Pst files.

Due to file system recovery: It is one of the main reason to corrupt Pst file.During the file system damage issue, Pst file may be overwritten or corrupt.

Some of the error appears on your Windows

0x8007000e: 0x8007000e is a commonly used format which is mainly used by windows.This is the hexadecimal format of the error caused and the address of memory location where the instruction was loaded at the time of the error. This error code has a numeric error number and technical description.

0x8040154: 0x8040154 error mainly occurred when either user sends or receive emails or accessing the outlook.This error message indicates that some problems with Outlook or Pst files may be damaged which is harmful to the PC.

0x800ccc9d: 0x800ccc9d error generally occurred when the user tries to send the emails.It is a dangerous error which is harmful to your system where you are enabled to access your Outlook Pst file.

0x800ccc0b: 0x800ccc0b error code means to server or mail drop is busy.

0x800ccc19: 0x800ccc19 error message display during the program execution. Through this error, Windows run sluggish and responds slowly to mouse or keyword input. It can corrupt download or incomplete installation.

Users must avoid doing where these errors occurred and damage your system badly. Read all information before using it. Click here for more information

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