Floral symphony: discovering the valley of flowers

discovering the valley of flowers


Valley of Flowers is truly a paradise down on earth. This floral symphony is a high-altitude Himalayan valley located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It is in the Garhwal Himalayas but this beautiful valley was unknown to the outside world until 1931. It was discovered by a British mountaineer named Frank S Smythe. This valley has gained popularity ever since then for the diverse wildlife and meadows of endemic alpine flowers. Valley of Flowers was declared as a national park in 1982 and then later declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2005. The 13-kilometre trekking trail is adjourned with beautiful flowers and trees which is a site for everyone.

The trek to reach the valley starts at Govindghat which is near the town called Badrinath. From here you will have to trek for 13 kilometres to reach Ghangaria which is the last settlement before the valley. While trekking you will come across dense forests with waterfalls and beautiful streams. You will find all kinds of plants and trees here like the Rhododendrons, birch, deodar etc. Birds like Monal pheasant and a lot of beautiful birds will make the trek even more pleasant and mesmerising. The trip to the Valley of flowers is a spiritual journey into a world of colours and rarities in vegetation. The valley reveals its mysteries as you proceed with the hike. At the beginning of the hike the air gets chilly and the trails with forests slowly turn into meadows of flowers. It is a breathtaking view, the colours and the scenery will leave you astonished. Every flower seems to have its own melody which contributes to nature’s symphony that resonates with the valley. The air is alive with the hum of bees and the fluttering sounds of butterflies which is drawn to the abundance of nectar-rich blossoms. With a backdrop of snow-covered peaks and magical waterfalls, the valley exudes an ethereal beauty that transports you to a realm of tranquillity. The biodiversity of the region adds another layer of fascination to your exploration.

There are a lot of flowers which are famous in the valley and some of them are :

  • Himalayan poppies – these are delicate flowers which come in shades of blue, yellow and purple, creating a magical display amidst the greenery of the valley.
  • Primulas – the valley of flowers is home to various species of Primulas including the vibrant primula and the delicate primula rosea. These flowers bloom in shades of pink, yellow and purple which makes it feel like the valley is covered with a colourful carpet.
  • Brahma Kamal – this is a very rare flower which is also known by the name ” king of Himalayan flowers”. This flower is considered sacred in the Hindu mythology.
  • Cobra lily – this flower is also known as Himalayan jack in the pulpit. It resembles a cobra with its hooded spathe and long spandex. This flower adds a touch of intrigue to the valley’s floral landscape.

These are some of the rare species of flora found in the floral symphony along with a lot others like blue poppies, Himalayan balsam etc. This valley is the prettiest during the rainy season which is from late July to early September. The valley becomes an uprising of amazing vibrant colours at this time of the year since a wide range of wildflowers bloom. Even though the valley seems dead in winter it becomes alive with an amazing smell in a few months creating an air that is peaceful and energising at the same time.

The visitors should leave a minimum impact on this valley and its surroundings. The Uttarakhand government in collaboration with some environmental companies is now changing tourism as a pattern where sustainable practices should also be sold. Laws and regulations should be strictly enforced here such as restrictions on grazing, and collection of plants, all these will help prevent damage to the valley.

The end point of the trek is Hemkund Sahib, the trek to Hemakund Sahib provides views of skirting mountains. The entire trek gives the trekkers amazing views that they will cherish for a lifetime. As the sun begins to set, casting long shadows across the valley you will find yourself reluctant to leave this paradise behind. It is a place of wonder and awe where nature reigns supreme and the beauty of the world is laid bare for the people. Even though your journey might come to an end, the magic of this place will reside within you!

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