Brighten Your Finger Nails Using Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are fashionable fake nails that are mainly placed over your finger nails. These excellent fashion accessories are made available in stunning designs and styles. These fake nails are designed with an artistic look and made of poly methyl methacrylate material. These artificial nails are an extension of the natural nails and it is very important they are maintained properly every 2 weeks. These highly durable nail products are designed in versatile manner and make your hands look more beautiful.

 Popular Alternatives of Acrylic Nails

Silk nail wraps and fiberglass are popular alternatives to acrylic nails. The nail wraps are mainly formed by cutting silk fabric and fiberglass. The material fits easily on the surface of your nail and with the help of glue or resin it can be sealed. These nail wraps can even be used by women who are allergic to chemicals. The overlay of silk fabric protects the nail plate from getting damaged or split. These nail wraps are like fashion ornaments and have an amazing appearance making your nails look more natural. These duplicate nails are available in animal prints and in metallic colors.

 Removal of Artificial nails

If you wish to remove these fake nails anytime, you need to make use of products like nail polish remover, and moisturizer which needs to be applied on the nail and fingers. To remove the dust from your nails you should soak your fingers in a glass bowl and make use of nail products like orange sticks, nail file and petroleum jelly. Acetone solution can be used to remove acrylic nails.  You must use the acetone solution properly without spilling as there are chances that the furniture or surface gets spoilt if it is spilled. You must avoid using caustic acetone solution and make use of a regular acetone based nail polish remover.

You can also remove the fake nails at home by following certain simple steps. You must at first take the acetone nail polish solution in a bowl and properly dip your fingernails in it. The next step would be to apply some petroleum jelly coating on the cuticles as well as on the fingers. The application of petroleum jelly would protect your nails from harsh chemicals.

 Types of Artificial Nails

Gel nails are also fake nails that are placed over natural ones just like acrylic nails. Both these types of artificial nails can be designed to extend your nails. The ingredients, applications and techniques used in gel nails are different from that of acrylic and the pros and cons of these two products also vary from each other.

It is anytime better to get these artificial nails fixed from a salon as the professionals are trained and make use of the right nail products. The advantage of using these extensions is that they are suitable for use for women who have brittle nails. They are good even for women who have the habit of biting their nails as these nails cannot be chewed easily and are very hard.

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