Best hair transplant in Mumbai

Hair transplant in Mumbai is the best option for people suffering from hairline or baldness problem and people leaving in a nearby city for them Mumbai is the best option for hair transplant treatment.

There are many advanced techniques which is introduced in Mumbai for hair transplant treatment. The hair transplant cost in Mumbai is also an important factor which many people think before opting for hair transplant treatment in Mumbai.

There are 4 types of hair transplant techniques in Mumbai:

  1. FUT hair transplant technique: In this FUT procedure the hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and then implanted on the recipient area. This technique is the oldest technique in Mumbai. The disadvantage of this technique is the scar will be left as it is on the donor side. The cost of FUT technique for per grafts is 30 to Rs.40
  2. FUE hair transplant technique: The procedure of this technique is same as FUT technique. FUE technique was introduced to overcome the drawback of FUT technique. There will be no scar left after the hair transplant surgery. The cost of hair transplant technique starts from 40,000.
  3. DHI hair transplant technique: This is the advanced technology used after FUE hair transplant technique. The cost of DHI technique is slightly costly than FUE technique in Mumbai. As the surgeons use DHI implanter pen for the hair transplant surgery in Mumbai. The per graft cost of DHI technique is 50 to Rs.60.
  4. Robotic hair transplant technique: Robotic technique is one of the advanced technique of FUE hair transplant technique in Mumbai. The cost of this technique is higher than all the other techniques. The Robotic cost starts from 60,000.

Now we will be discussing about cost-factors in Mumbai.

  • Cost depends on the following factors:
  1. Clinic you choose
  2. Treatment you opt for
  3. Number of grafts you require.
  4. Doctor’s experience.
  5. Tools used for the surgery

Where you can get the best hair transplant in Mumbai?

Here are the clinics list where you will get the best treatment:

  1. Rejoice clinic
  2. Kaya clinic
  3. Richfeel clinic.
  4. Radiant clinic

Apart from these clinics there are many more clinics which also gives best result. You can get more information from the Clinicspots regarding the clinics, doctors, and their cost. Clinicspots is a company which will guide you throughout your surgery.

What do you should expect from the hair transplant doctor?

  • The surgeon should be experienced and should have knowledge about each and every techniques of hair transplant.
  • See to it that your surgeon gives you proper information about your hair.
  • If you have some health issues like diabetes then proper schedule of the treatment must be booked with all the diabetes test. (Your diabetes level should be in balance while doing the surgery.)
  • Get pre-care and post-care from the surgeon


– FUE hair transplant in Mumbai is an advanced technique which gives you a natural result.

– The FUE hair transplant cost in Mumbai is slightly costly but the success rate is 90%. All it depends on how you choose the clinic.

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