User Guide to Delete Permanently is classified as browser hijacker that is harmful for your web browser. It can change your browser setting as it’s own style like it will remove your homepage and set it’s own. In your web browser this hijacker can add some extension which will be show you unnecessary advertisements, banners, coupons etc. Sometime it will redirect you on the malicious websites. It has the ability to effect all web can enters in your computer by installing any third party freeware software because this hijacker comes in the bundle of that software. So keep attention whenever you are installing any software. It is recommended that you should always choose custom option for installing the software and remove that options which is not required. It may be also entered through any spam mail attachments. By visiting any malicious website there will be also a change to entering this hijacker in your computer.

When get installed on your computer then you will be faced many issues like at first your browser setting will get change. The home page of your browser also will change. A lot of banners, company promotional coupons, advertisements etc will be show to you on your webpage. It will also blinking some links . It will hijack your browsing history and also steal your private information like bank details, passwords etc.It is harmful for your web browser and PC so remove as soon as possible to keep safe your PC.