Tips on How to Choose a Translation and Interpreter Service

When choosing a company to provide you with translation and interpretation services, it can be challenging to choose the best one.

For most non-linguists, deciding on the best translation service can be exasperating.

If you have been having trouble deciding which translation and transportation company to hire, here are some useful tips.

Determine Your Needs

First, perform an audit of your preferences. What kind of services do you need? Do you need an interpreter to come quickly to your business? Perhaps you need a translator to take care of your legal documents?

When you know exactly what you need, it’s easier to make your choice.

Take your time to decide on your preferred type of service. It will turn out to be less expensive and you will be happier with the work you paid for.

Service Offering

After you decide on the exact service you need, think of what your company may need in the future. Often, a customer will email us for a one-time translation. But they need our services again in the near future when they have to localize their corporate website.

Proper planning ensures you that choose a suitable company that can service your needs even when you expand.

Professional Linguists vs Non-Professionals

It’s always better to hire a professional business-to-business language service. You can be assured that an expert linguist can translate much better with their experience. A bilingual co-worker or relative doesn’t have the required skills and technical knowledge to do the job as well.

With this in mind, beware of companies that do not provide professionally experienced linguists.

Professional interpreters and translators receive advanced education and training in industry guidelines. Training can include dialect specialization, HIPAA privateness rules and dialectical variations.

Simply understanding a language does not mean an individual is able to perform all the required duties required. Professional linguists are bilingual and proficient at their specific languages on a 100% native level.

Know the difference between an interpreter and translator

It’s important to know that interpretation and translation are different.

A translator translates word-for-word, meaning-by-meaning in one language to another.

An interpreter listens to a loudspeaker and then verbally changes what is said to the audience.

Know the Types of Medical Transportation

The condition that an individual suffers from will determine the most suitable transportation.

There are various kinds of medical transportation services for emergency and non-emergency situations. A professional transportation company provides a number of these services.

Get References

As with any other services, make sure you do your research into the company. Get references or testimonials.

A reputable company will have no problem showing you their references or testimonials from their clients.

Also, verify the recruitment procedure for each company. Are their linguists qualified? What kinds of criminal background checks and training do they do?

Again, an established company will have no problem sharing this information with you.

Project Planning

Document translation and website localization tasks can involve multiple individuals or teams. Ensure that the company you choose is familiar with project management.

Learn how the company assigns each task internally. Ask them about their timeline and workflow so you know what to expect.

Talk to your translators

Your translators and interpreters must be familiar with their tasks.

If you are sure about the type of work you want done, don’t be afraid to communicate it. Give proper instructions and clear guidelines on how they should proceed with the work to prevent problems.

Speak your readers’ language

Be concrete and specific. As you might have noticed, almost all of these tips are related to the communication between you and your team of translators.

You will get the best results from growing an ongoing business relationship with a translator or team of translators. The longer you use them and the better they understand your business, strategy and products, the far better their service will be.

The Best Translation & Interpretation Services

Since 2003, Lighthouse Translations has provided clients with effective translation and interpretation services. Our clients come from all backgrounds and all around the world.

Some of our specializations include:

  • Document Translation
  • Website Translation
  • Business Reaching Interpretation
  • Conference Interpretation
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Interpretation Equipment Rental

Lighthouse Translations was created to provide quality file translations to international companies and interpretation services. We cater for conferences, appointment and training to a huge multicultural network of clients.

Those clients include:

  • Private companies
  • Federal government entities
  • NGOs
  • Professional organizations
  • Meeting planners
  • Production companies

Contact Lighthouse Translations and Interpretation Services today. Let us discuss how we can help you light the path and deliver your next global communication effectively to anyone in the world.

It doesn’t matter what language they are speaking. We got you covered

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