Necessary information about Mobile Notary Public

If you are get trouble with notary public and don’t know how to handle it, let DC Mobile Notary helps you.

The purpose of the Signature or Notary Visa in the United States, especially in the state of California, is to prevent Identity Thef and also to minimize fraud in important documents related to asset money such as deed, mortgage loan, contract to trade or contract or other Property Distribution Contract (Trust), etc.

Notary Public Notaries Public will testify, represent the state government personally witnessing the people involved in those records or contracts signed in front of people Notary Public in a calm state, as well as knowing what you are doing.

If the signers are silly, unusual, or are forced, reluctant, do not know what they are signing, or they are bossy, loud, Notary Public will refuse the visa for that document. Furthermore, the notary must review the driver’s license or (ID card) or Passport of the person who is about to sign, to compare the pictures and their names for matching. However, the Notary Public reserves the right to refuse a visa for you if you fail to match the images or identities that match, or feel uncomfortable in contact and you can go to other Notaries.

When you need a signed visa (Notarization) remember to take the following steps to save time for both you and the Notary Public.

Apart from that before going to meet the notary public, you must fill in all the full details in your application / document / contract for your visa. Notary Public Notary is not responsible for any errors, no matter how small on your contract documents. The Notary Public only does a single task on behalf of the state to testify to see you sign the contract. Even if you don’t know where you sign your name, the Notary Public is not allowed to tell you where to sign.

Moreover, questions like “Where are I signing” or “I don’t know where to sign”, you have to ask the offices or places that have asked you to go to the visa, for example:

–  You buy a home, a Realtor representative is someone you should ask them and check the place “where will I sign on this loan profile”

–  You need to receive pensions from your employer, you should ask Human Resources staff in your factory

–   You are doing the Living Trust, you should ask the attorney’s office who is in charge of the documents, they will tell you where to sign and visa in the Living Trust.

You also should remember that government also does not allow the Notary Public to help you explain any questions on documents that you need to notarize. This is the duty and responsibility of those on the record or contract. Even if you have just asked for a brief introduction, or have English sentences, you do not fully understand the meaning. Therefore, you should consult an attorney or specialist in that area. Ideally, when making a dossier, ask places where you need to apply for these documents, so please ask your relatives and friends.

The reason the government sets this rule in order for the Notary Public to be impartial when giving your signature. And the Notary Public will avoid future liability implications because they do not accept any responsibility for the content or meaning of the text you need a visa. Please be sympathetic and do not ask the notary about any of your records. Notary public only one task is to see yourself sign the document, sign this form (that you have signed), affix a stamp (that you have signed) and save your fingerprint for future proof, when there is a dispute.

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