How to prevent hunchback for office workers and gamers?

Although office workers are known as having disengaged job, office people have to face a lot of potential risks to health just because sit a lot. From cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis to vision, perhaps office workers are both.

One of the most prominent problems is hunchback due to sitting in the wrong way for a long time, leading to back pain, severe shoulder pain. Here are 6 simple movements, helping to limit the harmful effects of sitting a lot more, helping the office to prevent hunchback, keeping the standard shape as well as posture corrector.

These movements can be done during lunch breaks, weekends break for gyms or in combination with daily exercise. The flexibility of the body, the sitting posture will be significantly improved after practice. You should remember that one of the things that makes the man form is the gait, the sitting posture. A hunchback, walking forward will make you less attractive, so practice suitable exercise to posture corrector for men and women is necessary things.

1. Doorway Stretch

Doorway Stretch is a great muscle stretching action to prevent chest dilation, anti-humpback due to sitting in the wrong position for a long time.

In order to posture corrector, you should stand inside the doorway, raise your hand to a 90-degree angle. Place your forearms on the doorway as a fulcrum and then puff out your chest until you see your chest muscles stretch, keeping your posture in place. 30s then do the same with the other hand. A high hand raised will affect the upper chest muscle, lower hand to the lower chest muscle.

2. Pectoral Ball Smash

Continuing is a good way to loosen muscles in the chest, you can use a soft ball like a tennis ball to activate some points in the upper body. The way to posture corrector is very simply, you put the ball between the chest and the wall. Using the chest to press the ball into the wall, keep the distance with the wall and move the upper body so that the ball rolls over and over. Any point that hurts when the ball rolls over, stay the same for about 10 – 20 seconds.

3. Shoulder Dislocations

It is considered the best way to posture corrector for men and women, shoulder dislocations is the easiest and the most effective for you. To do this, you need a PVC pipe or broomstick about 1.5m long.

Shoulder Dislocations move to loosen tight shoulder joints for your wrong sitting posture. Two hands lightly grasp the plastic tube, the wider the better, then put it on top. Note that when you start practicing, you need to do it slowly. If you do it too quickly, it will cause muscle relaxation.

You should do about 10 reps in 3 innings then change your posture, hands behind your back. This is also considered to be one of the most effective warm-up movements before squat.

4. Thoracic Extension on Foam Roller

The thoracic spine area is the most affected area when you sit hunchbacked. To do this, you need a tool called foam roller.

You can put the foam roller under the back at the position of the chest vertebrae, legs slightly bent, feet and buttocks touching the ground, arms wrapped around the back of the neck, slightly arched back. Use the force of your foot to push the foam roller evenly over your back. If the position is painful when foam roller rolls over, press your back down and hold the position for 3-5 minutes.

5. Prone Y Extension

This action works well on both the chest and shoulder backbone. Lying face down on the floor, raise 2 hands so that the body forms “Y”, the palm of the hand is facing the ground. Stand up as shown in the illustration, head straight with your back. Each time up and down hold the position from 5 to 10 seconds. You should note that lower and put your body slowly, taking about 10 reps.

6. Wall Angles

This movement was created by physiotherapist Jane Anderberg. Really effective for people who have been hunched over. If there is a normal spinal structure, this movement will not feel anything, otherwise it will be quite painful.

Standing close to the wall, the knees are slightly slack. Back, head, buttocks pressed against the wall. Two arms raised up also pressed against the wall. Slowly move both hands above the head, it is important that the above-mentioned contacts with the wall remain the same.

Some of the first reps can be quite painful, but often practicing the Wall Angels will help you correct your posture and reduce back pain very effectively.

Besides these exercise, if you do not have much time to do, you can also use Genki posture corrector to get effective in short time.

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