Host the Ultimate Escape Room House Party

Are you struggling with a tired old Friday night routine? Need to keep the kids entertained in a desperate effort to save your house (and your sanity)? Have your family gatherings left that snobby aunt unimpressed for the last five years? There’s a solution – it’s time to throw the ultimate escape room house party!

Say goodbye to those pathetic parties and sad soirées, because an escape room party is sure to get everyone’s brains clicking and blood pumping! Using some simple materials (or not so simple, if you’re feeling extravagant), an arsenal of puzzles and a little imagination, you can transform your living room, yard, deck, workplace – anywhere – into an unforgettable escape room experience.

Designing an escape room can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but it is always incredibly rewarding! Escape rooms bring people together to solve puzzles and overcome challenges. And they love it! Just wait until you hear the near-constant stream of laughs bubbling throughout your escape room, and see the beaming smiles plastered over everyone’s faces at the end of the game. Totally worth it!

This step-by-step summary should help you along on your epic quest. However, if a more detailed guide is what you’re after, you can find one here.

Good luck – may your epic party go down in local legend for years to come!

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