Discover the 3 Best Training Videos To Choose From For Your Marketing Needs

There are many reasons why videos have become the chosen platform for marketing strategies. Videos allow marketers to effectively condense a lot of information into a short article. Even if the content is complex or technical, through a video you can make it entertaining and easy to understand which is very valuable for employee training.

As important as many business programs might be, in many cases information involves a great deal of data that is not entertainment but presented in long drawn out documents that bore the audience. In most cases, this information ends up being confusing and not particularly helpful.

Instead, if you invest in a high-quality training video production service, you can provide a new learning experience that will be engaging to your employees. This can give you the opportunity to develop your employees’ skills, increase their productivity, and inspire changes in their behaviors.

Why Should I Use Training Videos?

It doesn’t matter if you are a large corporation or a start-up tech company, training your staff is critical for a smooth-running operation. As a business owner, you an offer the most engaging form of content. You will have the chance to make your employees’ training fun as well as a valuable educational experience.

Before going over our list, you need to know why you want to create a video, to begin with:

The Cost

An effective video can actually save you a great deal of money. Unlike training programs with instructors, you will not spend money hiring and other expenses that come with the turf. On top of that, you will not be using up your employees’ time by attending a class, instead, let them learn the content when it works for them.


Whether you have a small group to train or your entire corporation, Videos will let you train everyone with the same standards without compromising the quality of education or performance.


Whatever topic you want to teach your employees, videos will let you shape or alter your content to fit your purposes and make your message more approachable. Videos are versatile which means many different styles such as animation, live-action, and so many more alternatives.


Research has shown that videos retain 95% of a message when in the form of a video in comparison to only 10% when reading text. With videos, you can explain everything your employees need to take away with them to ensure a more effective process with many longer-lasting results.


Unlike a classroom or volumes of text, videos are always available to your employees. For instance, you can create short explainers whenever they are needed to refresh your employees’ knowledge and will be available at any time. This will save them time and keep them from making mistakes.

The Best Training Video Production Companies To Choose From

Now that you know the value of videos and what they can offer your company, it’s time to look at some of the very best training video production companies available for you.


INOVIT is very proud of their team of writers, animators, designers, and marketers they have brought together over the years. They love creating animation and making videos, combining all elements. They know through hard work and professionalism, they will create the best training videos that are second to none.

The Reasons Why

Each work is fully customized for each client’s identity, their fundamental values, and business goals.

Their video production service offers only the finest quality, placing them at the top of the industry.

With every project they take on, they provide a polished, super-efficient video, allowing them to deliver the very best results.

From the first day, onward, they strive to help their clients’ businesses grow by providing an excellent integrated video marketing strategy.

Their pricing is unmatched with the highest quality that is guaranteed.

On top of these qualities, they are extremely experienced. With guidelines that have been developed by partnering with brands from all around the world including small startup companies to Fortune 500 corporations. Including Condé Nast Microsoft, and so many others

About Epipheo

Epipheo was founded in 2009 out of Cincinnati, Ohio creating testimonials, brand, and social media videos. They enjoy creating epiphanies through hard work. Epipheo’s team of experts focuses on writing interesting and clever scripts.

About Demo Duck

Demo Duck is known for developing many different videos, explainers, customer testimonials, commercials, and internal communication videos for the healthcare and educational fields. While they mostly produce excellent animated pieces, they also produce live-action projects.

Demo Duck wants everyone to know their inner drive is to team up with and help companies reach their business goals by focusing on their client’s needs from day one. Whatever message clients want to portray, they must reach their targeted audience Demo Duck is here to create the most effective and original video for you!

They fully understand that no two companies are alike. They strive to ensure their videos will showcase each companies unique qualities. Their formula for the very best animated video is made up of many elements. Paying attention to details is what brings the entire project together. This concept brings life to your brand’s voice and personality through eye-catching pieces.

Demo Duck understands that no one knows their company more then they do, from the very beginning, throughout the entire video production process to the very end. They listen to their clients and their feedback every step of the way. They will remove any doubts you might have and always involve your valuable input.

If you are planning on developing a professional training video production, you must contact INOVIT as soon as possible! They are not only interested in learning everything about your project but helping you make it a goal.

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