How to Choose the Best Chameleon Cage for Your Pet

Chameleons are highly unique clade of Old World lizards and there are over 202 species. This species has the unique capability to change color and is known to come in a variety of colors. Inexperienced reptile owners should not start with keeping chameleons as pets as they are very difficult to maintain. These exotic pets are not toxic but if handled unwantedly can source to biting and hissing. The biting of chameleons is painful but not harmful and it is best to keep them in a secure and best chameleon cage.

Why Chameleons Change Color

The main reason why chameleons change their color is mainly for regulating their body temperature and for communication. It is through the color change can their emotional levels, sense of temperature change, stress and excitement be revealed. If the color of the chameleon is bright, it is known to reveal good mood, and dark colors on the other hand represent stress. You can check for information regarding the best cage setup kit online and then buy the cage for your pet.

Best Chameleon Cage Setup Kit

The Zoo Med Reptibreeze Open Air Screen Cage is large in size and about 18x18x36 inches. The cage can be assembled easily by use of a screw driver and all hardware is included in the kit. It is very easy even to clean the cage. The open air cage comprises of aluminum screen and it is the best chameleon cage for small species like Geckos, Juvenile Green Iguanas, Old World Chameleons and arboreal species of lizards. It consists of a large front door for easy access and the substrate removal is done through the bottom door.

Impressive Features of Chameleon Cage

Different models of cage setup kits are made available in the market and consist of plenty of space. You can make use of lights on top of the chameleon cage and provide your pets with UVB rays they require. The other benefit of the cage is that it is an open air screen cage, and hence, the airflow is good and air circulates properly. The cage is corrosion-resistant and made from anodized aluminum. So you don’t have to worry about it getting rusted. There are cage set up kits also available that come along with some decorations and for easy access are designed with dual front doors.

Special Cage for Chameleons & Amphibians

The Exo Terra All glass Terrarium is an excellent cage setup kit for amphibians and reptiles. It is patented with front window for proper ventilation and comprises of dual doors for escape free access. It comprises of closable inlets for tubing management and wires. It is made available in 12 different sizes and is a versatile and best chameleon cage. All these cage setups are built with similar features and comprise of a specially designed lock. The lock helps to prevent escape and it is possible to open the doors separately. Infrared and UVB penetration is possible because of the full screen top ventilation of the cage. The best feature of this cage is that it comprises of a decorative background.

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