5 Enticing Lumba Rakhis for Bhabhi on this Raksha Bandhan

Most of us still do not understand the importance of Lumba Rakhi until we have a bhabhi on the other side of the brother. This sweet and salty relationship of nanad-bhabhi is very cute and full of fun moments. But, if your brother and sister-in-law are not living with you, they are settled in abroad, then on this Rakhi, do not only remember your brother but also be there for your sister-in-law. You can think of a surprise Rakhi online delivery in England.

Now, when it comes to expressing your love towards your brother, you can send a beautiful Rakhi to your brother to the location where ever it is across the world. But, how can you forget your sister-in-law as she is also away from her family? So, to make her feel special and to make her a part of your family, send her a Lumba Rakhi that can be tied to her wrist as a welcoming ceremony in the family. This lumba on Rakhi calls for the initiation of a relationship with her. Along with the Rakhi gift that you decide for your brother each year, this time tie a lumba around her wrist along with the gift to welcome her in a hearty way in your family. That lumba would come as a care and understanding and would start your relationship with her on a healthy note.

There are different types of lumba Rakhis available which are equally trendy and traditional. You can choose any of them to give to your sister-in-law on this Rakhi. Some of them are:

  1. Pearl Lumba Rakhi: It is one of the most beautiful types of lumba Rakhi specially made for women of your family. This Rakhi is designed in such a way that it can steal all hearts. Pearls arranged in different shapes to give a beautiful look to this Rakhi. The pearls are of different kinds used for different Rakhis. This is the one sure to go for on this Raksha Bandhan.
  1. Designer Lumba Rakhi: Who says tradition and fashion cannot go hands-on-hands? This Rakhi is the complete blend of traditional work to give it a modern look. This Rakhi is designed with a variety of items to make it a fantastic looking Rakhi for all the Bhabhis out there.
  1. Zardosi Lumba Rakhi: As we all know that Zardosi is the famous work form preferred by all. This Rakhi is also the one which has the zardosi work on it. It is best to give to your sister-in-law with a happy heart to her upcoming life happy. It is perfect for the new beginning.
  1. Stoned Lumba Rakhi: This is the type of Rakhi that ahs its beautiful look because of the work done by stones on it. This Rakhi is the complete mixture of stones and pearls also with some jewelery pieces attached to it. This is a perfect Rakhi to give to your sister-in-law. This is the beautiful trendy Rakhi to worn on some events also.
  1. Jeweled Lumba Rakhi: This Rakhi is two in one combo of two Rakhis. This is similar to the bracelets that usually females wear. So, this Rakhi is not at all an exception to jewellery pieces. You can wear it as a bracelet and there is no need to take it off after Raksha Bandhan.

Rakhi.in is one of the websites that has a wide range of the Lumba Rakhis available to give to your sister-in-law. They also have the combo of the normal Rakhi and the lumba Rakhi with some chocolate and the other items. If you want to give some other complimentary gifts with this Rakhi hamper, then you can select from their wide collection or gifts for every occasion. Just select the location and Send Rakhi to Italy, Rakhi to Netherlands, Send Rakhi USA where ever you want.

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