3 methods to help you create a unique new business idea

Each of us has a lot of business ideas.

The idea was just a little vague, ideas have formed clear but not done because of duplication and not feasible. Therefore, how to create a unique new business idea to embark on the countless ideas is always form in our heads every day. In order to answer for the question, you should read the post carefully. (Read more at: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/thoughtster/the-best-ways-to-patent-and-protect-your-invention-ideas/)

  1. Why create unique new business ideas?

A unique business idea is an idea that has to be new and different from the past because the market is changing every day. Today your business launches this product, tomorrow the opponent will again offer another product. Therefore, if your business stands still without offering any unique new business idea, you will soon become bankrupt. In a society where competition is fierce today, your business can survive or not thanks to the difference of products you provide compared to competitors. For sustainable development in the market, your products not only good quality and bring benefits to customers but also always need to innovate business ideas.

Furthermore, according to statistics, for every 100 enterprises established, after 5 years 80% of enterprises will be inefficient and lead to bankruptcy. Over the next five years, 80% of businesses are on the brink of bankruptcy. Why are businesses so bankrupt? Human needs are constantly changing so the products and services must also be tailored to fit the needs of the user. If your business does not offer a new business idea then bankruptcy is unavoidable.

  1.  3 methods to help you create a unique new business idea

How to create a unique new business idea? This is a question that many businesses are now looking for answers to get different products and services to create competitive advantage to help businesses have a place in the market.

Unique business ideas do not necessarily require the most creative minds to create, all of which are based on the right approach.

–  The first method: Combination

Integrate the combination of the two products or services together to create new product ideas based on old ideas. This is the simplest way to create a new business idea. For example, the combination of coffee and milk to form milk is an integrated idea. The milk coffee helps you to sober work to help reduce the bitter taste of coffee to bring more delicious flavor.

–  The second method: Solve the problem

Throughout our lives, there are always many problems such as personal problems and common problems of the community. If you want to have a unique business idea then you must find common problems of many people. It can be a nuisance in a matter or a product or service. The products and services your competitors offer at least will have a problem because no one product or service is perfect. Therefore, when you find and solve the problem with a product or service that you think.

For example, two famous toothpastes on the market today are Colgate and Closeup. The benefits that Close Up brings are bright white teeth, sweet breath and mint taste. Realizing that Colgate was not able to go along with his rivals, Colgate found weaknesses that Closeup was lacking and that the problem consumers faced when using Closeup’s products was oral health. Colgate toothpaste business prevents cavities. Colgate has now become a leading brand in oral health care toothpaste.

–  The third method: Thinking horizontally

Changing the shape of the product, its features, the color of the material, or the intended use of the product is another way to create a new business idea. The cushion-shaped pillow, the crocodile instead of the traditional pillow, has attracted more customers, and the consumption of the product is also faster. For example Pantene shampoo has many types including Pantene prevents hair loss, Pantene helps to smooth hair and Pantene care for damaged hair. Each of these Pantene colors, fragrances and styles are different to help customers have more diverse choices, suited to the needs of many people.

So from the old product only you create innovation in terms of features, shapes and colors are the birth of a new product. Diverse products are one factor that helps you stand out from your competitors. Your business idea does not need to be the best, but it must really be different and the spirit is always innovative.

From the three methods above you can create your own unique and innovative business ideas to make a difference with the competitors are available in the market. Success will not come to those who do not innovate. Therefore, you should always think mind-numbingly to come up with lots of creative business ideas. Furthermore, if you need more information and advice to create and build a new business idea, you should refer to https://www.facebook.com/inventhelp/

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