Do PBNs Still Work in 2019?

Do PBNs still work in 2019 and should you use them?

Well that’s exactly what I’ll be going over in today’s post. Hey guys my name is Zukais and I’m an SEO consultant. So if you want to learn about search engine optimisation then I’m your guy.

So if you’re already using PBNs or if you’re not using PBNs and wondering if you should start, I’ll be letting you know in today’s post.

First of all, what is a PBN? A PBN Simply stands for private blog network. And It’s simply a domain where you specifically link to your own sites or client sites.  It’s a black hat SEO tactic, something that can be very risky if not used properly.

So do PBNs still work? Yes, PBNs still work. WHY? Because PBNs are just blogs that link to your site and that’s exactly how you rank regardless of using a PBN. But the problem is, PBNs can be extremely risky.

So if you want to use a PBN, it’s all about your willingness to take risks.

For me personally, this is what I do:

I only use PBNs when I want to rank local clients. If I want to rank things like affiliate sites or e-commerce sites I don’t use PBNs.

You see, for affiliate sites you can get white hat backlinks to your website. But  with local clients it’s extremely hard to get white hat guest posts and the reason why is because no one has local guest post types of websites.  So you don’t have much of a choice but to use private blog networks.

If you’re trying to rank affiliate sites, you can still use private blog networks, just make sure you’re using a safe IP and you’re not leaving any footprints.  Again it’s all about your risk tolerance.

So for you guys who were trying to rank local businesses I would recommend you using private blog networks because you don’t really have any other choice.

Recently, I have been seeing videos made by people claiming to have ranked local businesses without using any links whatsoever. I find this extremely hard to believe since backlinks are an extremely important ranking factor that Google really wants loves.

Now that you know where you should and shouldn’t be using PBNs depending on your risk tolerance, how do you actually create these PBNs and keep them safe?

The best way to keep them safe is by making sure you hide the IP and leaving no footprints.  To do this I would highly recommend going with a hosting company that is geared towards creating PBNs. WHY?  Because they hide your IP or they just give you some IPs to manage.

I would recommend going with a hosting company called SeekaHost. They’re known to have good IPs to create your PBNs on.

If you’re trying to rank affiliate websites or even e-commerce website I would recommend going to my blog. I cover a bunch of tactics and strategies about ranking affiliate websites over there.

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