What is Feminized Hemp Seed?

Not just any type of hemp but the female species. This is because only female hemp seeds produce the sort of flowers that deliver the flavors that you’re desperately looking for. In order to achieve maximum satisfaction, many growers are turning to feminized hemp seeds. With this seed, you can be rest assured to get female plants at the end of the day. To achieve this, all you need do to guarantee a high success rate is to apply technology to hemp seed feminization. Moreover, you can rely upon such seeds to produce only feminized hemp plants.

So What is Feminized Hemp Seed?

Feminized hemp seed has been genetically modified to deliver only female plants to users. Under normal circumstances, hemp seed is expected to deliver two options: producing male plant and female plant. The end result is dependent on the X and Y chromosome. On the other hand, hemp with X and Y chromosome will nearly always become a male plant. Thankfully before every hemp seed is being launched on the market, each product is clinically tested to guarantee its efficiency. One of the reasons why people prefer feminized hemp seed is because it is easy to overlook and produces for the most part female seeds.

Why Grow Feminized Hemp Seed

One of the reasons for growing feminized hemp seeds is to take the guesswork out of growing. If for instance, you grow regular seeds, half of them will be male plants that you most likely won’t need. If you choose to feminize hemp seeds, you can plan for a full and productive garden. Despite the fact hemp is legal to cultivate in some states, there are specific limits on how many plants you can grow.

Benefits of Feminized Hemp Seeds

Some of the benefits of producing feminized hemp seeds are listed below
– Every plant will produce buds.
– You’ll be able to produce more CBD hemp oil and perhaps CBD crystal isolate.
– You never have to worry about wasting space on plants that you will eventually get rid off.
– No need to monitor plants at the pre-flowering stage to determine their sex – rest assured of getting feminized hemp seeds.

How Are Hemp Seeds Feminized?

Feminized hemp seeds can be gotten from a wide range of reputable breeders, including ColoradoCBDSeed.com. Despite the potential difficulties, other folks opt for a DIY process. Keep in mind that any DIY approach has its own limitations. If you fail to perform the task rightly, then you may have to deal with low success rates. Here are some of the most popular techniques for hemp feminization.


Despite the fact that it is indeed one of the easiest options, it has far from being the most effective. Despite the fact that it is a natural solution, you have to rely on the hemp plant to start acting. The reason behind this idea is to ensure the female plant stays in the flowering state for an extended period.

Colloidal Silver

This is by far the most reliable option. You can either buy colloidal silver from a professional or consider a DIY approach. One of the major challenges today particularly when it comes to making it yourself is finding the required silver. For this reason, it is recommended to buy a colloidal silver solution from a reputable store.

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