Top 10 Ways for Students to Fund Their College Experience

Off to university or already there? Money can be tight; after fees, rent, books, and food, there might not be a lot left to enjoy the extra-curricular side of student life! Fear not; we’ve put together ten great ways to fund your student years. Let’s jump in!

  1. A part-time job

One of the easiest and most traditional ways to earn money while studying it to take on part-time work. Most students can work around their learning schedule, giving a great opportunity to make some extra cash. Check local job listings or visit restaurants, bars, and shops on campus to find out if they need extra staff. Taking on a part-time job is also a great way to meet new people and make new friends!

  1. Tutoring

As you build your knowledge, you’ll be able to pass on some of what you know to the next generation. Tutoring is not only an excellent way to make money, but it allows you to brush up on your training and communication skills, which are invaluable in the workplace! To get started, take out an advert on a job board (many of which are free) or in the local press. Word of mouth is also super important in tutoring; encourage happy students – and their parents – to recommend you to people they know.

  1. Dog walking

Love the great outdoors and man’s best friend? You’re the ideal candidate for dog walking! Take out a local ad or go online to find clients. You can also be proactive; if you live near people who have dogs but not a lot of time, such as early-morning commuters, let them know that you’re in the dog-walking business! As well as generating an income, you’ll get plenty of fresh air and exercise.

  1. Selling old stuff

We’ve all made questionable clothing choices. Fortunately, there’s a bustling online market for second-hand stuff, and it’s not limited to regrettable white jeans from ten years ago! Head to eBay or other platforms to offload your old accessories, tech, and homewares. You’ll be surprised at what you can sell!

  1. Gardening

If you have a green thumb and want to enjoy some exercise while you earn money, gardening is a great choice. Borrow gardening tools from a friend or family member, or get them for cheap at garage sales. Taking on this kind of work also gives you the opportunity to help people in the community; a win-win!

  1. Mystery shopping

If you have a gift for scrutinising shops, online retailers, restaurants, cafés, and bars, mystery shopping is an excellent way to earn money. Companies will pay for your opinions, and you’ll often be able to claim back your costs, too!

  1. Online surveys

While we’re on the subject of sharing opinions, online surveys provide an outlet for your thoughts, and you’ll be paid for your time! Admittedly, this is a slow burner, but be consistent and you’ll earn some handy spending money.

  1. Get paid to shop

What is this strange miracle? Believe it or not, companies will give you cashback on purchases! Sign up and use special affiliate links to begin earning on purchases. There has to be some benefit from buying all those textbooks, right?

  1. Using a student-specific credit card

At times throughout your college experience, you may need money in a hurry. An excellent back-up is a credit card designed exclusively for students. There are several banks that cater to these specific requirements, and offer fantastic rewards; check out this review of the Citibank Student Credit Card as a starter.

  1. Full-time work during breaks

As tempting as it is to go on adventures or simply relax during your long breaks (particularly during the summer), this free time provides an excellent opportunity to save money. Take on a full-time job to maximise your earning potential.

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