Tips for taking the GRE while in undergrad

If you have ever studied for and taken a GRE test then you most probably know that it is no walk in the park. Yes, the general GRE can be hard, especially for someone who has not planned for the test. However, the GRE is a gateway to future opportunities; you will be taking a very significant step in your life if you take this exam, regardless of whether you want to go to any graduate school, or you are just exploring all the options you have.

The GRE which is fully known as the Graduate Record Exam is one of the aptitude tests which prospective students take before applying to graduate school. As a matter of fact, about all programs for most graduate schools require applicants to take this exam. If you are about to take a GRE test soon, this article will take you through some tips for studying the GRE while in undergrad.

Tips for taking the GRE while in undergrad

When To Take The Exam.

As you have noted, these tests are very essential, so it is important that you know when to take them. The best way to know this is by knowing some few things:

Deadlines. If you want to apply for admission to any school you need to know its deadlines. It is advisable to take the exams at least a few months before the deadline, so you will have enough time to turn in everything within the time limit.

Set and stick to a good schedule. You need to plan your schedule well. As a senior you should not take the GRE test near the end of the year because you will instead be busy completing projects, studying for your final exams and finishing other papers.

Be Prepared.

The other thing you need to do is to prepare for the GRE. here are some ways you can prepare to do the test:

Learning what will be covered. Just like any other other tests, the GRE has different sections covering specific topics. For starters, you need to be good in basic math: geometry and algebra. You should also be competent in higher level vocabulary, writing, and analytical reasoning.

Learn the structure of the test. The other thing you should know is how the test is structured. Since the tests are taken electronically you will want to be very familiar with the mode of taking the exam and submitting the answers.

Know the areas you are weak in. Identify these areas and execute a plan to overcome them before you take the exam. If you find you are scoring well in vocabulary but not in math then you should start putting more emphasis on strengthening your maths skills.


It is important to know that the GRE test is essential for your future so you should take your studying seriously. In fact, almost all of the graduate schools put a large emphasis on GRE scores, so you need to make it a priority. While standardized exams can be daunting, a good score on the GRE will become more and more attainable, the more you commit to your studying. It would also benefit to work with a GRE tutor. No matter what, remember to scheudle your test date well in advance of application deadlines, so that everything you submit will be the final product.

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