Future of e-commerce in south asia

E-commerce has become a major retail channel, for the past few years buying online products has travelled to a whole new level. From just a few clicks people can purchase practically anything from home, through an E-commerce website. People are frustrated by long ques, traffic and waste of time dealing with many sellers to get the cheapest product. In future people will be busy at their work so E-commerce will be handy for anyone who intends to buy a quality secured and cheaper products.

Some people in south-Asia currently is not familiar with E-commerce services, still they are old school. They need to touch and feel the product and to purchase the cheapest product available, so they travel to a certain supermarket or a retail shops and purchase goods as they wish. The south-Asian customers need to be updated and improved! There are thousands of online stores in South-Asia Across the countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Afghanistan. Considering the past there is a definite growth in E-commerce in South-Asia.

India is significantly growing the market for the E-commerce sector. As the rankings it is the fastest. India has an internet users of about 475 million. India is leading the South-Asians and will dominate the world through their E-commerce platform. Indian E-commerce has had a significant growth because they offer many discounts and quality products for the customers. Indian E-commerce sellers target many customers all over the world. Sri Lanka, Pakistan and others countries mentioned above are also contributing to E-commerce growth in South-Asia.

The world’s first price comparison website offering cross border shipping launched in Sri Lanka. This website offers many services such as compare and purchase the best and cheapest product, cross border shipping concept that offers any customer to purchase any product which cannot be ship to that specific country with a cheaper value. The website will be an impact in the future and a major benefit for the South-Asian customers. It has become the go to place to compare prices in Sri Lanka.

In Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh customer count using E-commerce platforms has risen for the past few years. South-Asian customers face the difficulty in receiving the products at time sometimes. A country’s delivery system should be speedy but, in south-Asia expect India it is not at their best. Currently some innovators are experimenting new technology to boost the delivery system. One of them is the drone delivery system that will be the most accurate and fastest when delivering so in the near future we can see drones flying delivery products.

The Amazon dash button which had impressed many Americans and Europeans, will be available for Asians in near future. The Amazon Dash button is a Wi-Fi connected device which enables you to buy household, grocery, health care, pet care, and personal care products. All you need to do is press the button and stay relaxed until your product is delivered.

The major concerns of the past few years for the customers are not receiving the exact product that was displayed or the specifications are contradictable with the product specification and about the payment security. So, these days website itself rate the sellers and if the product ordered was damaged or not as same as the product displayed in the website any customer has the right to be refunded or embedded to free returns. So, there will be no doubts in the future for South-Asians and for the worldwide customers.

Many South-Asian sellers try to sell their products via an E-commerce website which they can gain big profits. They will compete with many top rated sellers all over the world. The entrepreneurs in South-Asia has risen, the future in E-commerce in South-Asia will be lit up by the sellers, entrepreneurs and customers will have a gigantic impact in the world’s E-commerce sector.

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