Why Your Community Needs Security Guards Instead of Home Security Systems

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘safety in numbers’? It’s a concept that relates to the way animals behave in response to danger.

People have been forming communities since the ancient times and moving in herds as opposed to travelling solo. Being in a group meant that there are increased chances of survival and the likelihood of getting eaten alive by a fierce, wild beast was drastically reduced.

However, in modern times, safety of numbers doesn’t always hold true. Human beings have evolved and the survival traits have been derived from their ancestral DNAs. They still continue to reside in closely knit residential neighbourhoods.

The Purpose

Every community has its fair share of events, get-togethers and social gatherings. It’s mandatory that there are decision makers present to ensure the safety and security of these events. A lazy person who is in charge would resort to finding a security provider and get a few security cameras installed around the place.

There are numerous threats to public safety such as criminals, burglars, maniacs and in worst cases, terrorists. They strike without warning and hence, being prepared is essential.

It’s quite understandable that the presence of security systems would not be a hindrance for these assailants. They would know all the means to disrupt or even destroy the systems. But, guess what can stop them in their tracks? No points for guessing – professional security guards from a top rated agency.

You might be tentative about the thought of hiring security guards but here’s why you should.

Immediate response

According to the Centre for Security, security guards must have the capacity to defend themselves and the people around them in dangerous situations. These guys are trained to respond to emergency conditions and they do so without much delay. The only requirement is that there has to be a central monitoring room for them to closely inspect the surveillance feed. Even in the absence of that facility, they patrol around the surroundings and reacts to changes.

Protectors of houses

Security guards are burglar deterrents and as a result, they prevent vandalism. Communities with security guards are less prone to attacks from crazy hooligans. Their mere presence is more than enough to discourage the thieves from damaging properties.

Providers of all-round security

Their primary purpose is to stop crime from happening. Since they’re always on foot or on wheels, the burglars would know there’s no room to escape.

Also, in case of an erupting shootout, these guys have provisions to use firearms and eliminate the threats. The thing is they’re perfectly capable of doing that since they’re well trained but they often choose to disarm and neutralize the threats instead of increasing the kill counts.

On a final note, security guards can see where security cameras can’t. These days, there are drones which are equipped with rifles and sub machine guns but there’s always the chance of them damaging everything in the vicinity, including harmless civilians.

Security guards will continue to remain an irreplaceable asset. Here’s a cool infographic on their importance and how they deal with some common threats to public safety.

Source: Public Safety Infographic

Author Bio:

Rebecca Hill is the relationships manager at Optimum Security, a security company in Vancouver. While she isn’t working, she enjoys writing on science education, parenting, family, content marketing, public safety and almost everything.

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