Got Chemistry Finals Here are 4 Ways to Study Better!

Finals week always come with lifestyle changes.

This is typically a stressful time, but students are usually excited because the semester is almost over. How stressed you are about finals really depends on how much you studied throughout the semester.

If you hit studied consistently, you should be fine. If you haven’t… well, there’s still a chance.

You’re going to have to double up your efforts for the finals. And you must change your daily routine for the best results.

Below, we will discuss a few routine adjustments for your chemistry finals. Hope those adjustments help you out!

1. Block out Any Technological Distraction.

Put your phone aside. In fact, keep your phone as far away as possible.

Don’t be tempted or persuaded into being distracted from studying. Ignore your gadgets, and simply focus on what is in front of you and what you need to do.

As for your computer, you might need it for studying. Especially if you are using online study materials like a practice exam. You might need your device to read materials, watch tutorials, or take online practice exams. And you might need to look up something every now and then.

So you have to limit the use of computer distractions as much as you can. This means minimizing internet surfing and randomly checking things like Facebook or Pinterest. No games either. Level 500 of Candy Crush can wait.

2. Don’t Stress Yourself.

Classes are stressful. There are a few ways you can avoid stress during finals.

Stay organized and be prepared. This will decrease your stress levels.

Time management is incredibly important for avoiding stress. Be sure to make time to study as well as take care of yourself. If you are taking a full load of classes, be sure to manage your time for them as well. Always make time to eat and sleep.

Avoid people that panic and are negative. You don’t want to be infected by other students’ panic and anxiety.

3. Adjust Your Diet and Sleep Patterns.

Sleep often. Sleep is a good way to rest before an important exam. You should take occasional naps to recharge after practicing something. Knowledge is retained well during sleep.

As for your diet, avoid high sugar foods. You don’t want to be too jittery and restless from blood sugar spikes.

Avoid junk food, and avoid addictive drinks. If you drink coffee, don’t drink too much. And finally, ensure that your food is light. Overeating will make you tired and make your brain function more slowly.

4. Study Less – Practice More.

Final weeks are not times for just studying or textbook reading. Instead, you need to practice and apply your knowledge. Don’t get me wrong, you need to study. But you also need to practice the information.

If you are taking the ACS Exam, you should consider taking a practice exam. Practice exams are the best way to familiarize yourself with the types of questions and exam format. Especially when taking a timed exam.

By utilizing practice exams, you adapt yourself to various types of exam difficulties.  This will help you prepare mentally for the exam.

Get More Practice With ChemExams! is a website that provides ACS Practice Exams with Video Solutions showing how to answer every question.

You can practice as much as you like, and at the pace that works for you. The system saves your progress so you can even study in small amounts.

Watch the video on the home page to see how it works.

Be sure to visit the website, and start practicing now!

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