What’s the best one-stop store for every requirement of glasses?

Nowadays finding glasses has become extremely tough because of increasing prices on frames and coating. There are many eyewear stores in the corner yet all of them offer a range that’s expensive and impossible to buy quite often. Eyewear has become a hot trend among models, fashionistas and every other celebrity. Honestly, glasses are genuinely the best piece of fashion accessory to invest and experiment to discover your style.

However, the main problem arising with finding your fashion requirement is extremely high cost. The idea of attaining glasses for a chic college look, wild party look, elegant breakfast look and many others are under stake. The rising demand for glasses has led to a significant rise in the price. Big eyewear companies are offering glasses in a designer frame that cost an arm and on top, the lenses come with an extra charged coating. Apart from frames, no you’ll also have to pay for a protective coating that ensures the glasses durability, performance and protection.

I was in complete confusion if buying glasses would be any longer a fun task to do. As a college student, I can’t spend so much money on such high expense glasses but then I was introduced to Specscart. Specscart is a Manchester-born eyewear startup that offers all sorts of glasses with free eye tests for people who are reluctant to go for routine checkup due to money shortage. The idea of this startup allows every person to get a routine eye check without the worry of paying every time. This element of this startup impressed to make my next investment in them

My buying experience at Specscart

In need for Designer frames

I wanted designer frames to try out for my next look. Hence I hopped on to Specscart website to see the range. There are thousands of designer glasses frames at Specscart available in all sorts of style, design, texture and size. I was looking for round subtle frames and there were many soft tone metallic frames gleaming in high quality.

Metallic frames in rose gold, silver, gold and others set shining on the site. Moreover, I discovered that Specscart doesn’t sell plastic frames, all of its glasses are made into acetate. There were quite a few styles that I wanted to try and see if they looked on my selected wardrobe or not. Fortunately, Specscrt also offers a free home trial, 4 frames up to 7 days.

With metals and acetate frames of my admiration, the Specscart glasses reached my door within 24 hours with its Specscart rocket service. One minute I was looking at them and didn’t even have to wait for 4 to 5 days, the package arrived in an instant. After trying and discussing with friends, I wasn’t yet satisfied with them and wanted a few more. Hence I called Specscart and got to know that I was free to try as many frames I wanted for months. After weeks of trying them every day, I settled on my favourite rose gold round glasses. It has my heart.

Blue light glasses amidst Quarantine

With immediate lockdown ordered by the government, I was forced to binge-watch Netflix and steal some style tips from Tan France. However, I noticed that due to day and night screen use, my eye started to hurt. I started to experience a recurring headache, itching and burning sensation in my eye that it was hard to watch a single episode any more.

My friend, Daisy also experienced the same situation and suggested getting a pair of blue light glasses. She confirmed that blue light glasses help her during quarantine quite well and she’s no longer facing any eye discomfort. Without any second of wait, I quickly grabbed my screen again to order myself blue light glasses. Specscart gave me my Specscart glasses in quick time as expected and an unbeatable price range than others.

The best part about Specscart lenses is that they come with a free protective coating. Yes, Specscart lenses are free fully coated with anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and Impact resistance. My glasses were superbly crafted and I no longer had to worry stepping in any region of harmful light. The blue light glasses worked significantly and got rid of all the visual problems I frequently faced daily.

To conclude, my experience at Specscart was expertly pleasant and beneficial. I loved getting my frames in beautiful texture and design along with the free coating. From glasses lens replacement to prescription glasses, Specscart covers all your glasses needs.  Don’t spend your hard-earned money on high-end brands and get nothing in return. Find the one who speaks your style and gives you benefits in every service it offers.


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