7 Handy Tips To Choose Best Images For Social Media

Websites allow businesses to provide information as well as market their products. However, their digital marketing strategy will remain incomplete without a significant social media presence. In this article, we are discussing how to choose best images for social media. Carefully-chosen pictures can create a great impact on viewers and boost their engagement. Most users give a lot of thought to the visual aspect of their interfaces. They convert site to WordPress or use the CMS to get new interfaces in order to access brilliant-looking themes. Similarly, they must invest considerable thought in selecting attractive pictures for their social accounts.

The following suggestions will be helpful in choosing amazing photos for publishing on social networks.

1. Use Powerful Images To Convey A Message

The pictures posted on your profiles must communicate a message to the visitors. In a blog, images can be used to support the content. The same approach holds good for social media also. However, what if you are using a predominantly visual medium like Instagram. Then the visuals must be strong enough to communicate the story by themselves. People must not need any supporting text to understand what an image is trying to convey. This will not only result in effective communication but also keep the users interested. They will spend a lot more time on your accounts and visit them in the future for similar content.

2. Always Select High-quality Pictures

You must never make any compromises while selecting the pictures. Many people feel that freely available stock pictures are useless. In fact, high-quality stock visuals will be much better than self-taken low-grade images. The standards of handheld devices have improved considerably and even cheap gadgets enable pixel-perfect view. Posting content with easily visible imperfections will be detrimental to your social media strategy. Users will be able to spot the inconsistencies and develop a negative view of your account. Make sure that the photos being uploaded are clear and sharp making the viewers feel the emotion portrayed in them.

3. Research The Target Audience

Most people are stumped while selecting the visual content for their posts. They are unable to make up their minds about what kind of material will be found interesting by their audience. The best way to remove this confusion is by researching the people you are addressing. Try to find about their likes, dislikes, and topics they are interested in. Now make sure that they see their reflections in your images. For instance, if you are catering to a young crowd, then the people in the photos must belong to that age group. This will help the visitors in relating to your content and connecting with it.

4. Include Smart Quotes In The Visuals

Never make the mistake of thinking that text does not have any role to play in visuals. When looking to choose best images for social media, you can select ones with quotes. Many users have built up a huge following, posting pictures with inspirational one-liners. A powerfully written material along with an appropriate picture will attract a lot of people. You can use not only motivational statements but funny and witty quotes as well. The audience finds such content interesting and likes to share it with others. Quote photos are effective in engaging people and help in building up your social presence.

5. Provide Information Visually

Reading through complicated or voluminous text can be boring. You can use pictures to explain something and provide visual relief to people, at the same time. Graphs, charts, and infographics are helpful in highlighting the important points of content. They are also used to display statistics in a much more readable manner. A majority of people will always find it easier to look at an informative image rather than read long-form content. Infographics and other such pictorial representations also break the monotony created by text and add some color to the matter.

6. Select Images Which Show Motion

Choose pictures which show some kind of motion to support your text content. Adding pictures which depict people doing something or an activity happening will give more context to the matter. Such images allow you to visually tell a story and are more engaging than static photos. Action shots can stimulate people and they will be curious to know the context in which they have been posted.

7. Optimize Images Before Posting

This last tip is the most important of all the recommendations made in this article. You must choose the most appropriate file type and size of a picture before uploading it on a network. Moreover, you must optimize them for search by including relevant keywords with hashtags. This will help the image in appearing in related search results and boost the traffic to your accounts.


Social media users are always looking for great visual content. In order to grab their attention, you must use the suggestions provided here to choose best images for social media channels. This will boost the engagement as well as the following of your profiles on different networks.

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