6 Hairstyles for Date Night

Got a long-awaited for date night coming up? You need a hairstyle that ramps up your look. Try these six hairstyle ideas…


If you wear your hair short, you may think there is not much more you can do with it, other than blow dry oodles of volume into it or opt for the tousled, messy or bed-hair look that has been all the rage. But we think these two options are a great way if ringing the changes…

#1 Add colour to a strong cut

You think that colour options are dull and boring, coming in permanent or semi-permanent solutions. There has been, however, a resurgence is adding va-va-voom colour to hair such as this fabulous purple wash colour. With regular washing, the colour fades pretty quickly so perfect for a pop of colour.

#2 Short bob

If you have short hair but want a little length to it then this short-at-the-back but to the jawline at the sides is the perfect option. Blow dry in layers so you get plenty of height. To soften the look, make sure you have a few wisps across the front of the face and around the ears.


With Kate Middleton opting for a shorter chop, mid-length hair should be your crowning glory.

#3 Heavier fringe

As well as chopping a little length, the perfect versatile hairstyle for date night is to opt for a slightly heavier and chunkier fringe. Dry your brazilian hair in layers and then straighten, aiming for a light, layered but not the bed hair look.

#4 Choppy mid-length bob

The bob is making a comeback but with a 2017 twist and we love the choppiness of the cut. The trend seems to be to aheavier fringe rather than being completely swept off the face and this cut is the perfect compromise if you are not ready to sport the ⁃laudia Winkleman’ just yet. Opt for a choppier cut on the length, and use the ⁦ringe’ to define your face.


Long hair is perfect for sweeping up into updos but what are the perfect long hairstyles for day or night?

#5 The Dressy Ponytail

Yes, we know, the ponytail or bun is the default position for most of us on any given day but we are loving some of the dressier ponytail styles we are seeing. Leave a generous portion for the fringe and create a coronet at the crown (you might need a bit of backcombing!) and then gather the ponytail in a loose gathering at the back of your head, wearing it as high as you dare. Add plenty of bounce with curls too.

#6 Let it down!

Sometimes, the best thing with long luscious locks is to let it flow  and enjoy the wind in your hair. But if the knots concern you, wash and condition your hair using a conditioning mask and then layer detangle or conditioner spray in your hair as you dry it. Don’t dry a straight parting but rather have the hair in an interlocking shape. If you are brave enough to meet the hairdresser’s scissors, feather the edges so that hair sits forward but softly frames your face.

Now you have hairstyles for date night, you just need to decide what to wear…

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