Complete Details about JPEG

JPEG is one of the advance and popular image file format. It is generally used in different type of digital cameras, smart phones and other electronic devices. In digital era, it is named as Digital photo. As many system files, these related photos are easily saved in standard format known as .JPEG or .JPG. It usually supports storage media like memory card to store different format of photos especially jpeg, png and so others.  In addition, JPEG is known as JPG in short form. If you are talking about its extension name then the extension name is .jpg which is very short for remembered. This type of specific photo files is collection of bits and bytes. According to some security experts, JPEG has been designed with advanced and powerful technology. Due to this technology, you can easily transfer any type of jpeg format files from the camera to another device.

How JPEG related photos get corrupted or damaged?

Nowadays, some of the jpeg photo files are suddenly deleted or damaged due to numerous unpleasant reasons. There are common reasons which are responsible for deletion of jpeg/jpg image files:

  • Editing of JPEG files improperly
  • Due to malware attacks and other suspicious program.
  • Bogus sectors on SD card or other external removal devices.
  • Suddenly eject the SD card from the camera or other electronic device in improper way
  • Due to physical damage

Here are lists of error messages indicates that how the JPEG/JPG files get corrupted or damaged

There are lots of error messages that occur each time when your JPEG related files gets suddenly corrupted or damaged. Some of the error alerts are mentioned below:

“Hard disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now.”

Suddenly change in colour pattern.

Collection of images gets disappeared and distorted.

Can’t read the jpeg picture because the files are severely damaged and deleted.

“Images are inaccessible and unusable after using recovery software. Why ?”

“Unable to load the picture

 “No preview available. “

Methods to detect or repair damaged JPEG/JPG files

There are two different methods through which you recover deleted jpeg files in safe way. Some of the common methods are mentioned below :

  1. Change the JPEG Files : It is a very simple method through which you can easily retrieve damaged or deleted image files in easiest way. First of all, just right click on image file which you want to restore and replace the file extension name with .jpeg/jpg.


  1. Use Third party Image Editor Software : Second option is, you need to install image editor software or program on your computer. As many software, it can take few minutes for installation process. Once this application is installed successfully, run it and select the location in which you need to fix previous deleted jpeg files. Now, save your file with several names with .jpeg or .jpg extension. In last, you can easily restore your damaged photo files which are related with jpeg format.


  1. Follow “chksdhk” command : In some cases, you will encounter a strange error message called “Invalid Image File Header” which occurs due to intrusive sectors on storage media. After that, try to run “chksdhk” command and solve the error messages.
  • >First, you have to connect your SD memory card to the Windows PC
  • >Open command prompt Window by pressing Win + R key together and type “CHKDSK/r” in the command Window.
  • >Now, wait for few minutes, this process will detect the errors and restore the damaged image files.

In unfortunate cases, these above manual methods fail to find and retrieve your deleted or damaged photo files. So, no need to worry about it and you must try JPEG Repair Software. So, if you want to know detailed information about fix the corrupted jpeg files, follow this link.

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