Ultimate Guide of Solving Math Problem More Quickly By Tutor

You do not have to be a math teacher to know that a lot of students are intimidated by math problems, particularly if it involves large numbers.  Learning techniques from math tutor on how to do math quickly can help out a lot of students to develop greater confidence in this subject and improve their skills. It will also help them to excel in the advanced courses.

Here are some strategies that will help you to solve math problems more quickly.

Step-Two Addition

Many students tend to struggle when they add integers of three digit or higher together.  However, changing the process will make it easier. That first step is to add up what is easy. The next step is to add up the rest. For instance, students might find the sum of 89 and 393. They have to quickly see that adding 7 to 393 is going to make 400. This is an easy number to work with. For balancing the equation, they can subtract 7 from the number 89.  With this technique, the big numbers are not going to look scary.

Two-Step Subtraction

There is a similar method for subtraction.  You need to remove what is easy.  Thereafter, remove what is left.  For example, a student has to find the difference between 467 and 153. Obviously, 400 is an easier number than 67. So, they simply have to take away 67 from 467 and the subtrahend 153 prior to solving the problem.

Subtracting from 1000

You will be able to give the students confidence to deal with four-digit integers with the fast technique.  In order to subtract a number from 1000, subtract the first two digits from number 9.  Thereafter, subtract the final digit from numb 9. This is also applicable to 10,000, 100,000 and the other integers which follow this pattern.

Doubling and Halving

When students have to multiply integers, they will have to speed up the process.  They will have to halve the even number and then double the other. Students will be able to stop the process when they will not be able to halve the integer anymore or even when the equation is unmanageable. The student just needs to understand the 2 times table.

Multiplying by the Powers of 2

This is the tactic of speedy variation of halving and doubling. It will simplify the process of multiplication if the number in the equation is power of 2. This means that it works for 2, 4, 8, and so on. For each power of two which makes up that number, double the other number. For instance 9×16 is same as 9x (2x2x2x2). Thus, the students can double 9 four times to get the answer. Unlike halving and doubling, this process requires you to understand the exponents with a strong command of the 2 times table.

Multiplying by 9

For a majority of the students, multiplying by 9 or 99 and any number which follows the pattern is difficult in comparison to multiplying by power of 10.  However, there is an easy process to solve the problem.  This has two parts. First, the students have to round up the 9 to 10. Secondly, after solving the equation, they have to subtract the number they have multiplied by 10 from the answer.  For instance 57×9 will give the same answer as 57×10-57. Following the order of operation is going to give you the result of 513. Similarly, 57×99 is the same as 57×100-57. Irrespective of more steps being involved, changing the equation will give you the result faster.

These few techniques will give the students the confidence to tackle tough questions. They are not going to be afraid of the numbers anymore.

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